BRIDGE OF THE DOOMED: Zombies aren’t the Worse Thing in the Teaser Trailer for the All-Out Action-Horror Flick! IndieGoGo Campaign Now Live!

By: John M Jerva

Last week I shared the new trailer for Director Brandon Slagle’s sci-fi action alien invasion film Attack Of The Unknown which is being brought to us by the Mahal Empire Production Company which consists of filmmakers Michael and Sonny Mahal and now today I have another awesome looking offering from the Mahals which is the zombie action-horror flick Bridge of the Doomed which serves up a twist on the tried and true zombie genre…the zombies aren’t even the worse threat in the film! Chew on that and add that genre bad ass Robert LaSardo (Attack Of The Unknown) is in it and you have the makings of one balls to the wall thriller that will deliver. Check it out below!

Poster Art By Mouine Omari

Official Synopsis: A group of soldiers are ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak, but what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly.

LaSardo plays General Vasquez who is tasked with trying to hold a bridge with and elite team of soldiers so a zombie threat does not come across but the only issue is that there is something far more deadly under the ground that they have to contend with. Now that’s a massive bummer and it looks like this is gonna turn into a suicide mission pretty damn quick.

Poster Art By Mouine Omari

Michael Su helms all the carnage from a script written by Adrian Milnes. Also starring in the epic and bloody film is the equally awesome Michael Paré as Colonel Charon so you know the bodies are gonna hit the floor, both alive and not so alive. Other cast members include Sarah French as Susan and Kate Watson as Sgt. Hernandez.

The film is shot and in the can but the Mahals have sanctioned an IndieGoGo campaign to help finish post production duties on the film and they released a promo video a month ago with all the info. Check it out below!

Visit the official IndieGoGo movie site for all the cool perks you can receive for contributing to help finish the film by clicking here:

Release info is pending of course but keep it locked and loaded right here for more zombie killing 411 on the project and in the meantime, check out the awesome and kick ass teaser below!