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400 BULLETS: Action Phenom Jean-Paul Ly is Set to Headline Award Winning Director Tom Paton’s New Action Pic!

By: John M Jerva

There’s no denying that martial arts and action phenom Jean-Paul Ly is hot in demand. The actor, stunt professional, martial artist and all around bad ass first broke out with the Cambodian action-comedy Jailbreak and followed that up with a rousing turn in the British action-thriller Nightshooters. Ly is a top tier talent working in the genre right now who brings a real excitement to the bone crunching films he is making. He is working hard in front of and behind the camera as well as he is producing, working as a stunt and action coordinator and directing. He made his directorial debut with the awesome action short film The Division. He’s a literal threat in the action genre!

Now Ly has officially announced on his official Facebook page that he will headline award winning director Tom Paton’s new action offering titled 400 Bullets. Paton, who is best known for directing the epic action-horror hybrid Black Site as well as the thriller Stairs will direct with Ly bringing in the thrilling fisticuffs and firepower like only he can. Check out the teaser art for the film along with what Jean-Paul stated on his post!

🇬🇧🎬 Finally ! Excited to announce that i’ll be starring in award winner director Tom Paton new action feature film, “400 BULLETS” !
Let’s create magic again !! 🔪🪓
actor #action #movie #film #cinema #feature #filmmaking #moviemaking #indie #studio #raindance #production

Photo Credit: Roberto Vivancos

Ly will next be seen in Director Ross Boyask’s anticipated sequel I Am Vengeance: Retribution where he will co-star along with Stu Bennett and Vinnie Jones which just made the rounds at the recent American Film Market. In addition to that, Ly also has the project 14 Fists waiting in the wings which will also star John Hannah of Spartacus fame and Bai Ling. He also has a role in Artemis Fowl which was helmed by Kenneth Branagh.

With this announcement, expect a heavy dose of 411 to come our way including other action talent that will be involved. One thing is certain that with Paton, who has proven himself in the genre, at the helm and Ly leading the way on screen, we will all be in the presence of pure action awesomeness. Cameras are set to begin rolling next month so casting news should flood the net shortly.

I got the great opportunity to interview Ly for the site a while back for Nightshooters in which we talked about a variety of subjects including his films. You can read the full interview here: https://action-flix.com/2019/05/31/exclusive-the-warrior-has-arrived-a-conversation-with-action-phenom-jean-paul-ly-reprint/

You can bet that I’ll be all over this one and will update you when I know more juicy details so keep it locked and loaded right here for more 400 Bullets 411!

Check out Ly in action from his award winning action film Nightshooters as he brings the pain!

Source: Jean-Paul Ly’s Official Facebook Page-https://www.facebook.com/JeanPaulLyOfficial/

Main Feature Photo Credit: Adam Hills/ Mug Photography

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