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CHALLENGE OF THE FIVE GAUNTLETS: One Man Will Take On Five to Save a Life in the Indie Martial Arts Action Extravaganza!

By: John M Jerva

First off, I have to give credit where credit is due and this one goes out to The Cinema Drunkie for putting this film on my radar. In a never ending quest to find and help promote independent action cinema, we have the kick ass martial arts epic Challenge of The Five Gauntlets which throws it back to the great days of the 80’s when films like this swarmed the video store shelves. Take a gander at the goods below and prepare for some lethal mortal and supernatural combat!

A desperate family has exhausted all avenue’s to save their gravely ill young child…..except one. They seek help in the form of a relic historian/adventurer (Kane) to track down “Buddah’s Tooth”, a relic believed to have supernatural healing powers. However to get to “Buddah’s tooth”, Kane must not only travel the globe but battle through a gauntlet of warrior gatekeepers who each hold clues to the ancient relic’s location.

From the mind of martial arts expert and indie filmmaker Len Kabasinski who is a nine time PA Karate Association State Champ and a 2018 Professional Karate Commission Region 4 Champion comes a film that is locked and loaded with some amazing looking fight sequences. Kabasinski has also starred in the films Swamp Zombies, Curse Of The Wolf and Hellcat’s Revenge.

Hailing from KillerWolf Films Production Banner, Kabasinski not only stars as the film’s main ass kicker Kane, but he also penned the script and helmed the project as well. This film looks like a true labor of love for Kabasinski and it shows with the finished product.

To sweeten the pot, the movie also stars the great Leo Fong who starred in a host of killer 80’s action films such as Killpoint, Low Blow, and it’s sequel Blood Street which also starred the legendary Richard Norton. Also starring are Lisa Neeld, Donna Hamblin, and Jenna M Fryer.

As a lifelong fan of all things action and martial arts cinema, it’s great to see indie filmmakers like Kabasinski keeping the fires burning and reminding us of a time when these types of films excited audiences worldwide.

You can bet that I will be tracking this one down and will do a proper review and analyisis of it as this film is right up my alley. The fights look solid and entertaining and I always say, the best action filmmakers are the ones that literally sweat and bleed to bring their product to the masses. Kabasinski certainly fits that profile.

Check out the bone crunching trailer bekiw and keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your source for everything in independent action cinema!

You can order your Blu-Ray copy of Challenge Of The Five Gauntlets now on Ebay!

All photos courtesy of IMDb and Len Kabasinski’s Facebook page

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