Director Adrian Teh Kean Kok, who helmed the excellent Malaysian military action-thriller Paskal which is currently streaming on Netflix is back and joing him is actor Hairul Azreen who was also featured in the Netflix film. The new film is titled Wira and is has Azreen starring as a pacifist soldier who must resort to viloent means when all is threatened. The latest trailer has just dropped and you can now view it below along with a nifty poster of Azreen clentching two very deadly blades in his hands!

Official Synopsis: A man with ex-military force background prefers to deal with problems using his diplomatic ways, despite being skilled and fearless in fighting. However, he is forced to fight in his attempt to obtain justice for his family and community as he is left with no other options.

One big draw for this action pic is that Yayan Ruhian of The Raid films and Beyond Skyline is featured in it so expect a heavy dose of empty handed combat.

I actually did a Streaming Pix post for Paskal on my older site and shared the first initial teaser for this film so it’s good to bring it over to the new site and help get the word out. Some of the best action is coming from other territories as of late and Malaysia is really stepping up their game.

Wira will be released in its native Malaysia on November 21st so we have a wait to see when it will hit internationally but in the meantime head on over to Netflix and check out Paskal and watch the trailer below!

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