CABAL: Director Rene Perez Returns with More Indie Grindhouse Action!

Filmmaker Rene Perez definitely has cornered the market on mking indie retro action flicks such as his Death Wish-esque revenge thriller Death Kiss which featured Charles Bronson look-a-like Robert Bronzi. That film certainly made some waves with genre fans and he has since followed it uo with the equally delightful The Dragon Unleashed which featured one ass kicking Punisher pro taking out the trash. Now Perez returns to his Grindhouse roots with his newest offering titled Cabal which is being sported as an action-horror film that features yet another ass kicking assassin in the same style mask who is on the hunt for a seriel killer in the woods. Check out the trailer and poster below!

Official Synopsis: A high level military assassin is hired to hunt down and eliminate a serial killer who is committing murders in a secluded forest. When the Assassin arrives to begin his hunt, he finds there is something even more sinister at work.

Cabal stars John Ozuna who was also featured in The Dragon Unleashed as well as Eva Hamilton who starred along with Bronzi in Death Kiss. The film also features martial artist Juan Manuel Olmedo who hails from Argentinia.

This film looks like it will be a fun and awesome viewing experience on a Saturday night with some good friends to share in all the wonderful carnage and mayhem on display. Nothing like karate kicking, mask covered assassins running around the forest.

Check out the fisticuffs, firepower and shlock induced fun in the trailer below and keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come!

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