THE WHEEL: One Man Endures the Ultimate Torture to Become the Ultimate Weapon in the Trailer for the Sci-Fi Action Film!

Director Dee McLachlan won big at last year’s Urban Action Film Festival for the martial arts fuled sci-fi epic The Wheel taking home the prestigious honor in the Best Martal Arts Film category and now we can watch in awe at the newest trailer to hit for the film below as one man endures the ultimate torture to become the ultimate weapon!

Under duress and with a promise he’ll walk again, Matthew Mills, a paraplegic prison inmate agrees to volunteer to be injected with a synthetic nanomaterial. He wakes up in a steel room with restored use of his legs but he is in a spoke of the experimental apparatus – The Wheel.

Mills is a human lab-rat, part of the Future Soldier Initiative, a clandestine operation redesigning the human species on behalf of the military. Neuroscientists, Dr Emmett Snyder and Dr Allison Turner, control Mills’ life. A series of assailants inflict a multitude of damage to Mills’ body and torment his mind, yet the synthetic nanomaterial not only restores his damaged organs, it re-engineers his physical strength. The experiment might be designed to kill, but Mills is determined to survive – and get back to his only daughter.

However, Mills is the perfect specimen and completes a full revolution. Snyder orders a live autopsy to harvest living samples but an ethical crisis in Turner sets Mills’ escape in motion, and as they battle armored assailants, they unhinge Snyder’s rage. Finally, it is discovered that Mills’ rare phenotype is the key for precipitating mass inductions.

Jackson Gallagher headlines the film and he is joined by David Arquette as well as Kendall Rae, Belinda McClory, Ben Steel and Christopher Kirby.

Since winning in New York last year, the film is making the rounds down in Australia in Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the info below where it will be showing along with cast and crew Q&A sessions courtesy of EIN Newsdesk and get yourself a ticket if you’re in the area!

Monday 2 September 2019
6.45 Lido Cinema, Hawthorn, MELBOURNE
Q&A with director Dee Mclachlan, and Reg Roordink (Stunt Coordinator).
Book Tickets for Melbourne.

Wednesday 4 September 2019
6.45 Ritz Cinema, Randwick, SYDNEY
Q&A with director Dee Mclachlan, and Special Guest Walt Missingham (Sydney).
Book Tickets for Sydney.

David Arquette had a chance to talk about doing the movie and said:

It was just a wonderful script, really entertaining, kind of creepy and full of wonderful twists”

This one looks incredible and the fight choreography is insane with Yasushi Asaya (The Wolverine, The Meg) serving as fight coordinator.

Umbrella Entertainment is handling future distribution plans down under and hopefully we will get more release info soon so keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come and check out the trailer below and visit the film’s official website for more goodies!!

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