ANATOMY OF AN ANTIHERO: With Little Time Left, One Man Decides to Make a Difference in the New Indie Action-Drama!

Got some new indie film news for all of you out there and it comes in the form of an action-drama titled Anatomy Of An Antihero which features Alan Delabie as a man who leaves prison only to find out that he has a brain tumor. What else do you do but become a vigilante and fight the forces of evil. Check out the trailer for the film below!

Franck Denard leaves prison after serving 8 years for a crime he didn’t commit. He also discovers that he’s suffering from a brain tumor. Followed by Dr. Van Copoen, he decides to give meaning to his life before leaving…

Joining Delabie in the cast are Merrick McCartha, Gilles Nuytens, Christina Okolo, Angelique Kenney and genre legends Eric Roberts and Bob Wall.

Besides headling the film, Delabie also serves as writer and director and the project has won a few awards on the festival circuit. Delabie is a real life martial artist as well as he started his journey at age 11 and earning his Black Belt in Shotokan Karate at 17 and became a full contact specialist. You can certainly tell that he has some serious skills in the trailer.

The movie is actually a web series put together into one feature length film and it was selected into the Los Angeles Film Awards and London Independent Film Festival and received a nomination for Best Actor at the Los Angeles Actors Awards. Check out the huge list of acolades that the film has received on the festival circuit here!

Anatomy Of An Antihero will hit DVD and VOD this Fall so check mout the fisticuffs and slo-mo bone breaking action in the trailer below!

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