NO MAN’S RIDGE: New Concept Art Drops For Director Eric Red’s Kick Ass Bigfoot Flick!

I had posted the announcement a while back on my old site when it was announced that director Eric Red (Body Parts, The Hitcher) would be helming an insane sounding Bigfoot thriller titled No Man’s Ridge. The film which is set to star The Proposal’s Marc Natoli and writer/producer John Fallon is looking pretty bad ass as of late and now we have some kick ass concept art that was just dropped by the movie’s production illustrator John Gallagher so do yourself a favor and peek at it below because it’s worth it!

Official Synopsis: “A helicopter soars over the forests in the remote Wyoming wilderness of No Man’s Ridge area. Inside are five heavily armed and formidable hunters all dressed in militarized camouflage fatigues and face paint. They have state-of-the-art high-powered rifles, heavy caliber handguns, crossbows and hunting gear. The extreme hunters are there to bag a Bigfoot— the ultimate hunt for the ultimate trophy. The hunters wear hat cams with compact high-resolution HD cameras to record the hunt. They also have gun cams for their rifle barrels, bow cams and portable trail cameras to put on trees. In the far reaches of the wilds, the people are dropped from the hovering chopper by cable into deep forest, fifty miles from civilization. When the five hunters see an actual giant Bigfoot walking through the woods a half-mile away, it seems like the creature doesn’t have a chance—but it’s the other way around.”

No Man’s Ridge is collecting some top tier talent for the film in Special Makeup Effects Supervisor Robert Kurtzman as well as Special Makeup Effects Designer Steve Johnson who will be handling all the wonderful gore, carnage and creature effects for the anticipated action-horror hybrid film. Nick Principe is locked in as the actor who will be playing the mammoth creature.

The film is in the development stages as of now but hopefully we will get to see this brutal and adrenaline pumping take on the Bigfoot legend sooner rather than later. With Natoli, Fallon and Red involved, it sure has the makings of a bona fide classic. Keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come!

You can follow the film on social media:


Twitter: @nomansridge


Source: Arrow In The Head

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