3 MORE REPS! THE GOLDEN AGE OF BODYBUILDING: Action Giants Share Their Stories and Tips in the New Book

Action heroes are usually larger than life. This was most true back in the 80’s and 90’s when the cinemas were home for some of the most built action phenoms in history. Stallone, Schwarzenegger and more brought their A game and their six packs to a bevy of over the top action films that are required viewing for any serious fan.

Now, a new book has just come out that personifies that lifestyle and era and legends in the game like Arnie, Matthias Hues and Alexander Nevsky all contribute to it sharing their strand tips that worked for them for a new generation of action and bodybuilding fanatics.

The book was co-written by George Snyder and Rick Wayne and it is now available all over. Take a look at the cover art below!

Schwarzenegger, Nevsky and Hues were all Interviewed for the book and they share priceless anecdotes about their careers as well as offer very important tips.

Action Star Alexander Nevsky, a favorite here at Action-Flix.com, has a chapter in which he offers advice for beginners and talks about being a skinny child growing up. Now the former Mr. Universe is one of the top action actors, producers and directors around today.

The book has tips and stories from 27 super champions and is a must have for any serious action and bodybuilding fan. You can order a copy of the book now at Amazon.com!

Order Here! https://www.amazon.com/Three-More-Reps-Bodybuilding-interviews/dp/109341488X

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