New Retro 80’s Key Art Drops for the SCI-FI/Actioner ANDROMEDA WARS Starring Matthias Hues & Chuck Liddell! Trailer Dropping Soon!

Pop Quiz Hotshot! What upcoming sci-fi/actioner stars a 90’s action phenom and a former MMA champion? Give up? Well, it’s the new film Andromeda Wars from director Massimiliano Cerchi who has helmed more recent action fair like the upcoming action-thriller Adrenaline starring Louis Mandylor. Andromeda Wars stars veteran action baddie Matthias Hues (I Come in Peace) alongside MMA champion bad ass Chuck Liddell (Silencer) in a futuristic, adrenaline thrill ride about a rebel leader who is arrested and then later rescued by the same people leading to all-out war in the galaxy. Ahead of the film’s upcoming release later this year, we have the debut of the new and extremely awesome Retro 80’s looking key that has dropped for the film along with a few images to heighten your curiosity. Take a gander and scroll below!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: When the leader of a small rebel faction gets arrested (and then rescued) by his own people, it will create a war in the galaxy that nobody was expecting.

Aside from Hues and Liddell, the film also stars genre veteran Nicholas Turturro, Jon Mack, Vincent Rivera, Eric Cartwright, Rhino Michaels and Cherchi himself. Aside from directing and playing a role in the film, Cherchi also co-wrote the script with Adrian Milnes.

With the recent release of another retro sci-fi flick, Space Wars: Quest for the Deepstar, I’m in one hell of a nostalgic mood so Andromeda wars couldn’t be coming at a better time. Throw in the fact that it stars Matthias Hues and Chuck Liddell and you have the recipe for one bad ass flick. This is retro action with a kick ass cast so I’m all in!

I was told by Cerchi himself that a trailer is forthcoming so Lock “N’ Load right here for more exclusive content to come from Andromeda Wars as we are your destination for everything action and retro!!!

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