It’s a JOHN WICK CHAPTER 4 Reunion as Keanu Reeves Guests on THE ART OF ACTION with Scott Adkins! (Update: Part 2 is Live!)

UPDATE: Scott Adkins has officially shared the second part of his amazing interview with John Wick Chapter 4 co-star Keanu Reeves!

In this second part, Adkins talks to Reeves about The Matrix Reloaded as well as Hong Kong action and doing wire work for films. Watch the latest Art of Action below!

(Original Post) This is rather huge as Baba Yaga himself John Wick joined Scott Adkins on The Art of Action. This is part one of two as Keanu Reeves talks about his career, and his action roles in such iconic movies as The Matrix Franchise, Speed and a little known franchise called John Wick. The two also discuss they’re show stopping scene where Adkins plays Killa, the rather robust Russian gangster. Their onscreen altercation is a highlight and Adkins shows off his comedic side to go along with his impressive fighting prowess while wearing the now infamous fat suit.

Check out the full video interview between these two stars of Action below!

This episode was truly groundbreaking as we go to hear both action cinema professionals break down fight choreography in the movies, stunt doubling and keeping the audience engaged. Reeves also talks about all the influential movies he’s done in the genre including Point Break and the aforementioned iconic movies. Reeves is a true gentleman and one of the nicest guys in the industry and it really shows off in his interviews.

Reeves is also the real deal when it comes to training as he buries himself in preparation and has studied Brazilian JIU-Jitsu and weapons tactics, handling and firing. It pays off as he looks authentic and legit when performing the physical aspects of his roles. He’s definitely one Hollywood star that has bled, sweated and cried while performing for his art. I for one cannot wait to see what he has up his sleeve in future action projects.

Reeves is personally responsible for starring in the two franchises that have reinvigorated the action genre in The Matrix and John Wick and has left a lasting legacy for future generations.

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