CinemaCon ‘23: Sony Announces First Ever R-Rated Marvel Film with KRAVEN THE HUNTER!

CinemaCon is in full swing this week and many studios are giving outlets plenty to see and sample in terms of high profile future releases. It’s something I always wanted to go too but couldn’t as I have to wait for things to drop officially which sucks as a waiting game. I do have a source on the floor of the Con this year and they are feeding me any juicy action and genre goodies that come along.

Well, one unexpected twist came yesterday when Sony held it’s Spider-Man and Marvel Panel. It would appear that the big screen adaptation of KRAVEN THE HUNTER with Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Bullet Train, Godzilla) will officially be the studios first ever R-Rated Marvel Comics movie.

During Sony’s Spider-Man presentation, the studio made the announcement that Kraven the Hunter is indeed rated R. The film will, of course, be an origin story showing how Kraven becomes one of the greatest Marvel villains of all time.

There was footage screened during the panel of the upcoming movie and it’s confirmed that it showed off some very ultra-violent sequences that will make the film a mature one. The trailer showed off glorious footage of Kraven brutally killing poachers with extreme precision. There’s even a spot where KRAVEN rips a man’s nose off with his teeth in bloody and brutal fashion.

Russell Crowe was attached to the project and will be playing Kraven’s father. The violence is said to be over the top which makes me wonder if Sony has plans for making any money off this lesser known comic book property. Making it this extreme will definitely affect how many people including children and teens will see the flick.

Also, the film’s star Johnson revealed that his version of the character will be a departure from the comics. KRAVEN will be a human who’s an elite hunter and has conviction. He’ll also be a protector of animals and nature which is a complete 180 from the source material. I’m fine with changes and don’t freak out as long as it’s done with respect and still looks cool.

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how this movie dies upon release. Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, and Christopher Abbott round out the cast.

A trailer will hit this summer so hopefully we don’t have long to wait to see first look footage of Johnson in action. I’m excited for it after all this was revealed.

Lock ‘N’ Load right here for more details to come on KRAVEN as we are your destination for everything action!


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