The Action Fix Podcast: Brandon Lee Retrospective- Celebrating the Martial Arts Legend & His Films

30 years ago this year, the martial arts community was devastated when actor, and son of Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee was killed while filming The Crow. Brandon was something special. He was in the shadows of his famous father for his whole life, but he was just starting to emerge into the light and make a name for himself as not only an action star but a genuine Hollywood star.

What could have been. Lee only made a handful of films with 1992’s Rapid Fire being his only true to the word, full-blown action flick along with Showdown in Little Tokyo (I don’t count Laser Mission).

It was 30 years ago this year that we lost a rising star who was full of so much potential. I often think about if Lee was still alive to this day what he would have accomplished in film.

This one hit hard and still stings to this day but on this episode of The Action Fix Podcast, we celebrate the man who was taken away from us way too soon and his film legacy that he left us. I am joined by Shane “The Action Nerd” Loggains of The Action Nerd (Dudes Being Dudes Talking About Movies) Podcast to celebrate the man and his films. Rapid Fire, Showdown in Little Tokyo and, of course, The Crow, we cover it all as well as some not so worthy films like Laser Mission. It’s a special remembrance on this episode of The Action Fix!

Be sure to check out Shane and his awesome podcast The Action Nerd (Dudes Being Dudes Talking About Movies) here or wherever you listen to your podcasts!


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