Loyalty & Honor are Tested in the Indie Actioner END OF LOYALTY from Acclaimed XFX Make-up Artist & Oscar Nominee Hiroshi Kitagari!

Tomorrow, March 7th, sees the release of a new hard hitting indie actioner called End of Loyalty which hails from director Hiroshi Kitagari who is the acclaimed xfx make-up artist of the Oscar nominated AVATAR: THE WAY OF WATER. The fil is a blistering revenge saga which pits tow friends on opposite sides of the law when one of them sets out on a kill mission. The trailer below is pretty impressive in terms of action sequences and I will be checking this one out for review so in the meantime, check out the footage and images from the movie which hits Digital and VOD tomorrow!

Braxton Angle, Justice Joslin, Simon Phillps, Sho Ikushima, Michael Pare, Vernon Wells and Tenley Kellogg star in END OF LOYALTY, directed by special effects and make-up wiz Hiroshi Katagiri (AVATAR : THE WAY OF WATER, ANTLERS).

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: When the head of a notorious crime family is killed by a rival family, his son Grant promises retribution. But as Grant’s grief turns into violence and destruction, his best friend Ray, a federal agent, does everything he can to keep Grant from going off the deep end. Their friendship is tested as both men cling to their conflicting moral codes.

From the trailer, this one looks to contain a pretty sizeable number of shootouts and beatdowns with some impressive choreography. Sometimes, a movie just comes out from nowhere and grabs your attention and End of Loyalty might just fit that description with the right amount of carnage for a Saturday night viewing.

Uncork’d Entertainment will release END OF LOYALTY
On Demand and Digital March 7, 2023

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