In Knight We Trust- Bruce Willis Returns in the Last Entry of the Pulse Pounding Police Thriller Trilogy DETECTIVE KNIGHT INDEPENDENCE!

It’s a sad day for action fans as Bruce Willis is starring in his second to last feature film. The last of the Detective Knight police thriller trilogy is upon us and with it, there’s only one more movie in the pipeline for the iconic action star.

Titled Detective Knight: Independence, Willis stars as the grizzled police detective who is on the path to redemption. This time Knight is spending the 4th of July going after a sociopathic EMT who is out to cause massive havoc. Even in his weakened state, my money is on Bruno. Check it out below!


Knight’s last-minute assignment to the Independence Day shift turns into a race to stop an unbalanced ambulance EMT from imperiling the city’s festivities. The misguided vigilante, playing cop with a stolen gun and uniform, has a bank vault full of reasons to put on his own fireworks show…one that will strike dangerously close to Knight’s home.

The film is now on Digital and VOD courtesy of Lionsgate.

On a side note, this is the second to last film for Willis as the only other film coming in the future is one called Assassin. That one sounds intriguing as it pairs him up with another favorite actor of mine in Dominic Purcell of Prison Break fame. Check out that synopsis below!

When revolutionary, experimental human drone tech falls into enemy hands, it’s up to the leader of an elite C.I.A. group (Bruce Willis) and his team to draft a black-ops soldier into service to retrieve the weapons system at any cost. Co-starring Dominic Purcell (“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow”), ASSASSIN is a pulse-pounding sci-fi action thriller.

It’s sad that this will be it for the man who once dominated the box office in not just the action genre but all of them. I wish him nothing but the best and we are all better with the filmography he has left us. Standing ovation everyone for John McClane has left the building.


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