Exclusive: Check Out a New Clip from the Genre Bending, Bone Crushing Action Pic SHADOW MASTER!

Saban Films has given us exclusive access to a brand-new clip from their upcoming release Shadow Master. The scene which you’ll only see here is a bone breaking and hard R rated fight sequence that will surely fill your need for some Tony Jaa style Muay Thai brutality courtesy of martial arts action star D.Y.Sao (Champion Road: Arena, Fast Vengeance). Check out the exclusive clip of Sao doing what he does best including punching through an adversary’s chest!

Official Synopsis:

Slain during a ferocious fight and reborn with supernatural powers, one man stands between demonic forces bent on hastening the Apocalypse and a ragtag group of apartment dwellers protecting their children from certain peril. SHADOW MASTER is an outrageous mix of haunted house chills and martial arts thrills featuring jaw-dropping fight choreography that rivals The Raid: Redemption and Ong Bak.

After being slain by criminals, a man is reborn with superpowers and makes it his mission to right the wrongs of his city in the action thriller SHADOW MASTER, available in select theaters November 4 and on demand and digital November 8 from Saban Films.

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