DC Movie News: MAN OF STEEL 2, Batman Spin-Offs, THE FLASH 2 and More Teased in a New Report!

It’s safe to say that Warner Bros. and their DC property have been in absolute disarray as there has been a shake up in the command of the company. The biggest casualty of the new regime saw the Batgirl movie cancelled for good and all the footage deleted. This comes after the movie was near completion. Several other DC related projects saw themselves on the chopping block as well and the future does not look bright even though Dwayne the Rock Johnson’s BLACK ADAM hits theaters this Friday.

Well, things got really interesting today as a new report from THR saw the news of a sequel to man of Steel is now in development along with several Batman related spin-offs as well as a new project from Suicide Squad helmer James Gunn.

The biggest part of the report states that Warner Bros. is actively looking to bring Henry Cavill back as the last son of Krypton and we all know that he is going to show up in the stinger scene to Black Adam. can I just say for a moment that I miss the days before the internet and social media when things in movies were a surprise because you didn’t know they were going to happen. Ah, the good old days, oh well. I digress however and now we are hearing that Warner Bros. is currently looking for a writer to Man of Steel 2 and that Mission: Impossible franchise director Christopher McQuarrie is at the top of the list.

Fans have been aggressively campaigning for Cavill to don the iconic suit again and it looks like Warner Bros. has actually listened. It also helps that The Rock also wanted Cavill back and in time for Black Adam, so we all know what kind of clout he has. After current DC head Walter Hamada shot down the idea when Johnson brought up the idea, The People’s Champion went above his head to Warner Bros. Pictures heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy who also loved the idea of bringing Cavill back.

Warner Bros. and DC are currently looking for someone to shepherd the film slate of DC much like Kevin Feige has done with the MCU. We are now in a holding pattern as we wait for more details to arise. It doesn’t help that Cavill is hot in demand with The Witcher series for Netflix and he is also looking to play the role of the Highlander in the long in development reboot that is set to be helmed by John Wick franchise director Chad Stahelski.

Other news sees The Batman director Matt Reeves looking to expand his universe that he has started with the first film that saw Robert Pattinson playing a younger version of Bruce Wayne in the early days of the rise of the Batman. It is being said that “The filmmaker is meeting with writers and directors to build out movies — yes movies, not just series — focused on Batman rogue’s gallery, both established and more obscure, with characters ranging from the Scarecrow to Clayface to Professor Pyg. All those projects are in the very early stages of gestation.“ This comes from the THR report. It’s also important to note that Ben Affleck is set to return to the DCEU version of Batman in The Flash as well as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Interesting times indeed.

Suicide Squad director James Gunn is also looking at making a new project for DC. The mystery movie will come from Gunn and producer Peter Safran and could be literally anything at this moment. This will take some time as Gunn is looking at making the second season of HBOMAX’s The Peacemaker first. There is also news on Wonder Woman 3 as a script is said to be on the way and Warner Bros. surprisingly is already looking at making The Flash 2 and a script has been penned already by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and if the first film performs well, Warner Bros. is looking to greenlight it fast. What does this mean for Ezra Miller who has been in the news multiple times for bizarre behavior? Only time will tell but money talks and if the first film makes bank then you can bet it will happen.

All of these projects are in the very early stages to say the least so it’s hard to get excited as things can do a 180 in a matter of seconds with warner Bros. We shall wait and see. I am personally excited for Johnson’s Black Adam and the first appearance of the Justice Society of America in it and early viewings of the film say that it’s the most brutal DC film yet and Johnson hits the bullseye playing the character.

You know what all this means, don’t you? That’s right, keep it locked and loaded right here for more details to come as we are your destination for everything action and comic book film related in 2022 and beyond!

Source: THR

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