Exclusive: Assassin’s Run- A Conversation with SECTION 8 Director Christian Sesma!

Filmmaker Christian Sesma is definitely a talent to be known when it comes to independent action cinema. The director of such high octane flicks such as The Night Crew, Paydirt and last year’s Every Last One of Them, is a craftsman who knows how to take limited resources while on set and deliver films that genre fans want to see.

His latest project, Section 8, is his most ambitious film yet as he has an elite action cast to work with in the likes of Dolph Lundgren, Mickey Rourke, Dermot Mulroney and Scott Adkins. The movie is a lean and mean old school kick ass flick that takes its cues from the movies that Sesma is a fan of like Die Hard and the films of Spielberg and Lucas. It’s a true throwback style flick that takes no prisoners with its relentless action sequences and no holds barred drama.

On this latest episode of The Action Fix Podcast, Sesma stood by for a quick chat as we talk about the new movie, working with such a great cast and, of course, making the action.

It’s filmmaker Christian Sesma and Section 8 on this installment of The Action Fix!

“Section 8″ centers on a former soldier who is sent to prison for life after he avenges the murder of his wife and child. There, he’s recruited by a shadowy government agency for an off-the-books assignment and the promise of regaining his freedom. The film stars Ryan Kwanten of “True Blood,” along with Dolph Lundgren (“The Expendables”), Dermot Mulroney (“Hanna”), Scott Adkins (“John Wick: Chapter 4”) and Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke (“The Wrestler”).

Section 8 will be available in Theaters and will stream on AMC+ Sept. 23!

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