HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN: Umbrella Entertainment has Unleashed the Cult Classic 2011 Exploitation Thriller with the Late, Great Rutger Hauer on VHS & Blu-Ray!

For fans that want more of the late, great Rutger Hauer, Umbrella Entertainment has filled your request with an awesome retro release of the legendary actor’s 2011 exploitation thriller Hobo with a Shotgun. To make this release even juicier, the fine folks at Umbrella have not only released the film in a collector’s edition Blu-Ray, but they also have even given it a limited VHS release as well! That’s genre freaks, if you’re like me and you’re itching for some throwback excitement then you can now own Hobo with a Shotgun on VHS as well., I didn’t even know that they had they means to make VHS tapes anymore, but it would appear that they’ve dusted off some old school machine somewhere for this. I’m in a retro state of mind seeing as I’m turning 50 this year so acquiring a VHS copy of a film that looks like it was made in that era when video cassette recorders were new and in demand is right up m y alley. Check out the details and exclusive images below along with the link to purchase!

Media Release: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN gets VHS and limited-edition BLU RAY!!! 

“HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN fans can rejoice, the classic exploitation film is getting a limited-edition VHS and BLU RAY release!” 

Umbrella Entertainment are bringing exploitation classic, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, to VHS and BLU RAY July 6th and it looks amazing with new artwork! 

Directed by Jason Eisener and starring the late Rutger Hauer (BLADE RUNNER) – HOBOE WITH A SHOTGUN is a gory, funny and an absurdly good time! 

Horror collectors will lose their minds with how good this limited-edition bundle looks! 

HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN hits VHS and BLU RAY July 6th from Umbrella Entertainment! Order direct from Umbrella Entertainment or from Amazon Worldwide. 

Umbrella Entertainment Direct Purchase Link:  


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