Gary Daniels is Making Sure They BRING HIM BACK DEAD in New Images, Trailer & Key Art for the Upcoming Actioner Hitting with Full Force August 2nd!

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July and since taking the weekend off to recoup and heal a little I’m back and ready to take the second half of the year by storm. I’ve been going through some heavy duty life changes the last three days but the action is going to keep me strong and we have an awesome throwback style actioner for you to sink your teeth into starring one of the 90’s premiere martial arts action stars and one of my all time top 3 DTV Ass kickers.

Gary Daniels (Riot, Fist of the Northstar) is back and looking as killer as ever in a new action packed revenge thriller that sees him going after the men who betrayed him after a heist. There’s no good guys in this one. Only bad men and worse men and the film has the awesome title of Bring Him Back Dead and judging from the new trailer that hit this holiday weekend, Daniels is kicking it old school action style for fans to rejoice. Check out the newly launched teaser along with key art and exclusive images for the movie that hits on August 2nd!

Official Trailer
Official Key Art

In the vein of Sam Peckinpah and Jim Thompson, the gritty BRING HIM BACK DEAD concerns a violent gang of criminals who are ordered, after a botched heist, to track down and eliminate the man who betrayed them and ran off with their loot. Daniels plays the “anti-hero,” while Mandylor portrays the leader of the gang and Daniels a man with mysterious motives.

Other cast include Katie Keene (ROGUE WARFARE, CLOWNTOWN), Ryan M. Shaw (BLOWBACK), LeJon Woods (ASTEROID), ZhuzhaAkova, and Chris Torem.

Mark Savage (HITMAN’S HERO, PAINKILLER) directs from a screenplay by Ben Demaree, based on a story by Jeff Miller.

Miller (DEATH KISS, THE RUSSIAN BRIDE) produces along with Korey Rowe, Cuyle Carvin, and Avery Miritello. Azhar Pasha, Savage, Ronnie D. Lee, and George J. Merino are executive producers. Alysa Blasetti is Coordinating Producer.

The movie is a co-production between Miller’s Millman Productions and Korey Rowe’s Otsego Media LLC, as well as Ron Lee Productions and Salem House Films.

David Lavallee Jr. is the fight choreographer. Ryan Patrick O’Hara is the Director of Photography.

“Non-stop action, three bonafide action legends, and Mark Savage at the helm? A must-see for action fans!” said Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment. “We look forward for audiences to discover BRING HIM BACK DEAD this summer”.

Official Key Art Banner

Mark Savage-directed actioner BRING HIM BACK DEAD starring action veterans Gary Daniels (THE EXPENDABLES), Louis Mandylor (THE DEBT COLLECTOR), and Daniel Baldwin (JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES) will be released by Uncork’d Entertainment in North America.

Everyone who knows me well, knows that action and martial arts pro Gary Daniels is in the top three of my favorite action stars of all time. Daniels has starred in some of the best DTV actioners from the 90’s and beyond and he’s definitely got some of the best kicks in the business, past and present.

Daniels is still in top physical conditioning and looks great in the new trailer as he’s showcasing his signature kicking prowess to all the unfortunate baddies who did him wrong in the flick. It’s like it’s the 90’s all over again. The action star has been sharing some great pics and videos of himself in training and he hasn’t lost a step when it comes to the empty handed combat.

I’ve been on a nostalgic throwback kick to action films and stars of the 80’s and 90’s so it’s nothing short of awesome to see my favorites like Daniels still kicking that ass. Although a smaller production, this one looks to utilize the star and his skills so as a fan foremost, that’s all I ever ask for. Give us what we want and here it’s Daniels doing his patented jump kicks in lethal slow motion.

BRING HIM BACK DEAD will release on Digital and DVD August 2.

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