Johnnie To Director Retrospective at the Prince Charles Cinema, London July 7-14th!

By: John M Jerva

If you’re in the UK and you’re a fan of acclaimed filmmaker Johnny To, then you’re in luck as there will be a retrospective of his work taking place at the Prince Charles Cinema in London ranging from July 7th to the 14th. To is most revered in the genre having made several acclaimed action thrillers including Life Without Principle (2011), Running on Karma (2003) and Breaking News (2004). All three films will be a part of the week-long event and you can check out the event details below!

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The Prince Charles Cinema in London will be showing three iconic films by Hong Kong director Johnnie To from 7 – 14 July, as part of a retrospective titled ‘The Heroic Mission’.

A favorite filmmaker of director Quentin Tarantino, these films identify three important stages of To’s creative career alongside the development of the Hong Kong cinema industry. Presented by UK-China Film Collab and Trinity CineAsia, this programme provides a wider context of the societal changes in Hong Kong in recent decades. It wishes to inspire a new scope for discussion, in reflection of a revolutionary time.

Films screening:

Life Without Principle (2011) – Thursday 7 July, 6.00pm

Starring Lau Ching Wan (Mad Detective, Call of Heroes), Richie Jen (The Sniper, Exiled)

Running on Karma (2003) – Tuesday 12 July, 6.30pm

Starring Andy Lau (House of Flying Daggers, Infernal Affairs), Cecilia Cheung (Legendary Amazons, The Promise)

Breaking News (2004) – Thursday 14 July, 8.30pm

Starring Richie Jen, Kelly Chen (An Empress and the Warriors, Infernal Affairs), Nick Cheung (Beast Stalker, Connected)

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