Exclusive Interview: Authentic Warrior- A Conversation with Filmmaker and Actor Tino Struckman of IRON CROSS-THE ROAD TO NORMANDY!

By: John M Jerva

This Tuesday saw the release of the new WWII action-thriller Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy and unlike many war pictures in the past, this one is grounded in the realism and authenticity of what transpired all those years ago during one of the greatest wars ever fought. Hailing from filmmaker and actor Tino Struckman, the movie tells the story of the events leading up to D-Day and does something a little different in that it tells the story from both sides of the conflict. Struckman, who is a WWII historian brings a real sense of scale and scope to this indie picture which is bolstered by epic action set pieces as well as quieter dramatic moments.

In this exclusive interview on The Action Fix Podcast, I chat with Tino about the film including the blood, sweat and tears it took making the ambitious project. Struckman gives us the lowdown on the movie as well as his personal attributes like how he got into the movie business, serving as a bodyguard to stars and what the future holds.

It’s filmmaker and action star Tino Struckman on this exclusive episode of the Action Fix Podcast! Enjoy!

Official Synopsis:

The epic action-drama tells the story of Captain Klaus Muller as he struggles to survive during WWll on the Eastern front fighting back-to-back with his brother and friends. As D-day unfolds, more than one score is settled, and a running battle now puts American soldiers and our German Captain on the same path.

Iron Cross: The Road to Normandy is now available on DVD and Digital Download from 123 GO Films!


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