The Action Fix: “Anybody Seen Ritchie?!”Happy Birthday Steven Seagal!

By: John M Jerva

Say what you will about Mr. Steven Seagal and he’s definitely been marred in a few controversies throughout the years but there’s no denying that he’s been entertaining on and off screen. Sensei Seagal has certainly left his mark and impression on action cinema and today is his birthday so it’s customary here to celebrate action stars’ special days and yes, Seagal is an action star.

Steven has done many films throughout his career and even though his latest outputs have been guilty pleasures at best, I still enjoy what he has to offer. I know I’ll take flack for it but ask me if I give a shit. Well, I don’t so let’s get started with Seagal‘s Action Fix on this special occasion.

When it comes to favorite fight scenes from Seagal, there really is only one option and that’s his barroom brawl from the critically panned but fan loved Out For Justice. This scene is Seagal at his best as he not only beats up a room full of fools but he also makes them look like a bunch of crash test dummies.

How can we ever forget how Seagal confidently and nonchalantly walks around asking the classic question, “anybody seen Ritchie!” as he bludgeons helpless losers into a coma. What’s funny is that even though everyone is watching Seagal pummel anyone and everyone, there’s still idiots that think they can take him. Hilarious. This is truly Seagal in his prime and could quite possibly be one of the most narcissistic and testosterone filled action sequences ever. I say that as a good thing mind you.

It’s important to note that this film was made during what I call Seagal’s indestructible stage where in each of his movies he dished it out but never received it. Seagal’s theatrical run made him look untouchable as he shot countless goons and broke massive amounts of bones. It was quite ridiculous and awesome all at the same time.

So with all that said, I say Happy Birthday Steven and I’m one fan that still looks forward to what you have to offer. Controversy and criticism aside, I’ve enjoyed your movies and yes, I even watch the bad ones. Sue me.

Here is the classic “anybody seen Ritchie!” barroom scene from Out For Justice! Enjoy the excessive self indulgent attitude and ass whipping.

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