(UPDATE) SANAK: Vidyut Jammwal is in John McClane Mode in the Full Length Adrenaline Packed Trailer!

By: John M Jerva

Update: The full trailer for Sanak has dropped and it’s all the Bollywood action goodness you could hope for. Vidyut Jammwal is in full on Indian John McClane mode with a touch of extreme and balletic martial arts action to go along with the firepower. Check it out!

(Original Post) Bollywood definitely has some extreme talent when it comes to its action genre portion of things and Vidyut Jammwal has certainly done his fair share of insane stunts in such films as the Commando franchise, Junglee and more. Jammwal is one that is known to defy gravity like Tiger Schroff and others in his company and this October, he’s bringing the heat once again.

Jammwal’s latest is titled Sanak and he’s channeling Chow Yun Fat from Hard Boiled on one of a series of key art that has been released to help promote the actioner that hits Disney+ Hotstar this October 15th.

The official synopsis per IMDb reads:

Sanak is an action-thriller film, summarizing the emotion and journey of a lone hero, who fights overwhelming odds in a restricted environment, to save his wife and other unfortunates, helpless hostages, from the perils of evil.

Bollywood action movies bring a whole new meaning to awe inspiring as they are packed with some of the most incredible and death defying action set pieces that defy all logic. Vidyut Jammwal has the skill set to give Scott Adkins some competition and I wouldn’t mind seeing them square off. This one is no exception as you can see from the trailer and marketing videos below. They are in Indian but action translates in all languages so just peek at the visuals.

If you can get past the dance numbers that make these films’ running times excessively long, then there’s some enjoyable action to be had and the stunts are extreme to say the least. Indian filmmakers definitely get a rousing A for effort and give any country a run for their money in the genre.

With Jackie Chan stunt team member Andy Long Nguyen (Commando 3, Khuda Haafiz) leading the charge, action fans are sure to get their full of insanely crafted action set pieces that defy everything that makes sense including gravity.

Here’s hoping Sanak comes over here but if you’re able to check it out upon release then I’m sure it’ll be one explosive good time.

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