The Action Elite Live: The War Room – Let’s Walk… ON DEADLY GROUND (1994)

By: John M Jerva

Love him or hate him (and God help me do I love a Steven Seagal flick, good or bad) there’s no denying that the Aikido master has had an influential effect on the action genre. Ever since Sensei Seagal came out of nowhere in the 1988 testosterone fueled action epic Above the Law, he’s bashed in more heads and put more holes in the bad guys then any other action star. That’s an arguable statement of course.

There’s a distinct air of mystery that surrounds Seagal and his shady, and I do mean shady, past and he’s one character that will always be remembered in the sacred halls of action cinema. He’s had bad press, good press and in between press but Seagal continues to churn out action schlock for the masses and you never know what you’re going to get with his DTV goodies.

In this week’s installment of The Action Elite Live, the War Room crew led by Eoin Friel sets it’s sights on this 1994 epic On Deadly Ground which was Seagal’s only directorial effort. Made at the time of his highest popularity, On Deadly Ground is a curious film that mixes political and environmental themes and a dash of mysticism with high-octane fisticuffs and firepower and one massive body count. Is it an ego trip of the highest order or just an enjoyable guilty pleasure action effort? You make the call but we serve up our opinions in this can’t miss round table discussion.

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