THE ACTION FIX: Happy Birthday Jason Statham!

By: John M Jerva

Ah yes, today is July 26th and with that it is the birthday of one of my top 3 all time favorite action stars. Sure he’s taken a bad rep from some people who say that he plays the exact same character in all his movies but wouldn’t you if that said character oozed immense charisma and gravitas.

I’m talking about Jason Statham of course and ever since he filled theaters with his first lead action role in The Transporter, The Stath has done nothing less but serve up endless helpings of kick ass that featured both heavy weaponry and just his hands and feet. The Stath is one of those rare action stars that elevates any type of movie he’s in good or not so good and his stunt work is unrivaled.

When a big star has a birthday, it’s ceremonial on this site to do a special tribute to said star and share one of his or her’s scenes of ass kicking debauchery.

So in honor of Stath’s special day, here’s the in your face ending to his latest action endeavor which also happens to be one of his best ever. I’m talking about the blunt force trauma of the finale of Wrath of Man of course. It’s mostly firepower on display here but it’s raw and unedited Statham at his most brutal and unflinching. The site of him unloading a full clip on the bad guys is a thing of pure action max goodness.

Enjoy and Happy Birthday Jason! Here’s to many more years of kicking ass onscreen!

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