By: John M Jerva

I have to tell you all, after a long day at work, I really look forward to being a guest on THE ACTION WAR ROOM and therapeutically chat about anything and everything in the world of action cinema. It really does act as a stressor and it’s fun as hell.

If you’ve been following, Friday nights have become a Free For All where we talk about anything that’s current and having no script is awesome where we go off on all sorts of tangents. A big thanks to Eoin Friel of TAE for inviting me on.

This past Friday, we chatted about the awesome new Prime sci-fi actioner The Tomorrow War as well as celebrating 35 years of John Carpenter’s classic Big Trouble in Little China which is a wonderfully mashed up heaping of genres.

Just like always, we veer off course and other subjects arise like awesome 80’s cartoons, Terminator 2,and yes we even talked Steven Seagal movies.

Check out the latest episode below with myself, Eoin and J-Man and Sean.

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