RUPTURE: Mark Strange Takes Aim with New Teaser Key Art for the Upcoming Actioner from Director Ranjeet S. Marwa!

By: John M Jerva

The last few years has been a busy one for martial artist and actor Mark Strange who has handled a zombie horde in Redcon-1 as well as taking on Bruce Lee himself in the rousing Ip Man 4: The Finale. Strange has been a staple in indie action cinema for years having starred in such bruising entries as Underground and Displaced and now we have new info and teaser key art to boot for his latest endeavor which sees him hooking up with Director Ranjeet S. Marwa.

The new actioner is titled Rupture and we have some awesome looking teaser key art for you which features Strange brooding and taking aim with a breathtaking neon lit city landscape for background atmosphere. Check it out below!

Rupture is set to roll in front of the cameras starting tomorrow and even though there’s no footage yet, I’m sure we can expect ample amounts of firepower and extreme fisticuffs to fill the movie’s running time. Marwa is known for bone crunching mayhem having helmed the brutal pic Exiled: The Chosen Ones which stars Sunny Pang.

The official synopsis reads:

Raven, a recently freed man from prison must confront the people who put him inside. However, revenge is not always the answer, redemption is.

Daniel White pens the screenplay from a story idea of his with Marwa adapting and serving as story editor.

I’m getting a distinct Avengement vibe with this one which bodes well as Strange was featured in that Jesse V Johnson helmed thriller starring Scott Adkins. It’s Strange’s turn to headline the film that will certainly showcase his skills. With Marwa at the helm, the action is sure to be of the blunt force trauma variety. I’m still eager to see Exiled: The Chosen Ones as initial trailers and teasers have given us some in your face mayhem and carnage.

With production set to roll this week, expect a lot more from Rupture in the coming months so keep it locked and loaded right here for more as we are your destination for everything action!

In the meantime, check out Strange in action doing what he does best courtesy of his latest teeth shattering show reel!

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