Stunt Maestro and BLACK WIDOW Double Heidi Moneymaker Joins Scott Adkins On The ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a busy week for the ladies of action with first looks at Kate with Mary Elizabeth Winstead as well as The Serpent from former model turned filmmaker and action star. Now we have Scott Adkins welcoming one of the top ladies in the action and stunt world to The Art of Action.

Heidi Moneymaker is no stranger to stunts and onscreen fighting having appeared in the John Wick franchise as well as serving as Scarlett Johansson’s main double for Black Widow. She’s also appeared in. The Fast and Furious franchise as well as Wolf Warrior 2 with Wu Jing and Frank Grillo. Moneymaker is one of the fiercest examples of lethal ladies in the business and she’s going strong.

Here she chats with Scott about her gymnastics, career and all things action. Enjoy!

In episode 35, Scott Adkins is joined by Hollywood stunt woman Heidi Moneymaker best known for doubling Scarlett Johanssen Marvel character Black Widow.

0:00 Intro 1:15 Gymnastics 12:23 Getting into Stunts 16:27 Iron Man 2 18:13 The Avengers 21:00 Fast & Furious 7 24:14 Plan B 25:09 Behind Every Great Man 29:30 Sucker Punch 31:20 Training 33:23 The Job of a Stunt Performer 35:11 John Wick 2 36:50 Wolf Warrior 2

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