THE ADKINS FIX: Scott Adkins & Donnie Yen Engage in a Match for the Ages!

By: John M Jerva

Scott Adkins June has Arrived Here at ACTION-FLIX.COM!!!

Happy post Memorial Day to all of the Action-Flix fanatics out there! Last week, I resurrected my tribute page to the one and only Human Highlight Reel who also goes by the name of Scott Adkins and with it in the coming weeks, I will be rolling out new exclusives that you’ll only see here on the site. Essential Adkins is the new name of version 2.0 which I actually did back in 2015 when I first started the site. It’s no secret, that Adkins has been my top favorite action star ever since I saw him for the first time in 2003 and since then, it’s been fun to see him evolve into the premiere action entertainer he is today.

Those of you who follow me know that I have a special segment on the site called The Action Fix, which is also the name of my podcast, and with it, I share some of the best action fueled sequences out there for all to enjoy. Well, I’m here today to announce that I have a brand new offshoot to the Action Fix here on Essential Adkins and the name is…….THE ADKINS FIX!

Just like The Action Fix, this new segment will showcase the best adrenalized action and fight sequences that the genre has to offer but now it will only feature the top tier talents of Mr. Adkins. The phenom has graced the Action Fix many times in the past but now, the king of action has his own brand on

But what scene did I choose for the inaugural installment? Well, you could basically plug in any scene with Adkins from over the years but I chose the one from Ip Man 4: The Finale where Scott has a dream throwdown with the iconic Donnie Yen himself. This fight has been a long time in the making and when it finally dropped, it did not disappoint as both legends delivered the bone, crunching, adrenaline pumping goods.

Yes, it’s true that Adkins character in this one is rather nasty and heinous as he portrays a racist Marine but even though he’s on the dark side here, he still delivers the signature Adkins action along with Donnie with fight choreography from the legendary Yuen Woo Ping. It’s got all the flash and flair of Hong Kong action cinema but it also includes some rad intricate moves and manipulations from both combatents that demonstrates just how insanely talented these two really are. This fight is an action fan’s dream come true and it’s the very first ADKINS FIX. ENJOY!!!!!

Remeber that the ESSENTIAL ADKINS HUB is now live so head on over and check it out as I will be adding new material and exclusives in the coming weeks and months!

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