It’s a DEBT COLLECTOR Reunion as Louis Mandylor Joins Scott Adkins on the ART OF ACTION!

By: John M Jerva

Sue and French are back together again! Ok maybe it’s not The Debt Collector 3 but it’s the next best thing as actor Louis Mandylor has joined Scott Adkins on the newest episode of the ArtOfAction!

If your an action junkie, then you know that Adkins and Mandylor starred together in The Debt Collector films which were both helmed by action guru Jesse V Johnson. Both films were gritty, dirty action thrillers in which Adkins and Mandylor starred as, you guessed it, debt collectors. Things, of course, went from bad to worse repeatedly in both films and the odd couple of action found themselves in constant states of disarray which included dodging and fighting some pretty nefarious individuals.

A lot of the action also involved the two throwing down with each other as well and these films are essential indie action goodness.

Adkins also talks to Mandylor about some of his other action related projects like the Martial Law TV series which also starred Sammo Hung as well as some lesser known flicks like Champions.

Now Adkins and Mandylor are back together and discussing those films and more on the Art of Action!!!

Mandylor played Louis Malone in the first season of Martial Law alongside Sammo Hung and also appeared in the sitcom Friends, pretending to be Joey’s twin in “The One With Unagi” and the hit movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. A life long martial arts practicioner and star of many action movies.

0:00 Intro 1:27 Martial Arts Background 3:19 Boxing 6:16 Necessary Roughness 9:45 Iron Palm Training 15:00 Martial Arts Got me on Track 17:17 Martial Law 23:35 Champions 26:20 Price of Glory 27:46 Wrong Turn at Tahoe 30:00 The Dance of the Action 33:26 The Debt Collector 39:46 Debt Collector 2

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