The Action Fix: Remembering Brandon Lee

By: John M Jerva

Today is March 31st and it is the anniversary of Brandon Lee’s death while filming The Crow when an unfortunate mistake led to a fatal shooting during filming a scene. Taken from us way to early, Brandon was just starting to come into his own and remove himself from his famous father’s shadow when tragedy struck while on set. I’m not going to elaborate on what happened but today is a day to think of him, what could have been and enjoy what he did give us while on this earth.

To honor him, here is a special Action Fix which features Brandon taking on Toshishiro Obata in the ultimate 90’s action fest Showdown in Little Tokyo. Here he teamed up with Dolph Lundgren and the two delivered a high-octane buddy cop Actioner with some pretty rad action set pieces and spot on chemistry between the two stars who traded verbal assaults with each other. This particular fight scene which hits in the finale demonstrated Lee’s martial arts prowess and showed the charisma he would also later radiate in his final films Rapid Fire and The Crow.

Heaven has been protected ever since he entered the gates and let’s celebrate the man who was so much more than the son of Bruce Lee. R.IP. Little Dragon…

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