IMPASSE: The Spy Thriller is Back in the Trailer for the New Chinese Period Action-Drama

By: John M Jerva

China is set to bring us a new entry in the spy sub genre with a new thriller from director Zhang Yimou called Impasse. Check out the official key art and new trailer courtesy of Asian Film Fans below!

Set in Harbin, the capital of China’s northernmost province Heilongjiang, in the 1930s. Impasse tells the tale of four Chinese agents who sneaked into the puppet state of Manchukuo to investigate rumored inhumane experiments carried out by Japanese forces.

The film stars Zhang Yi (Operation Red Sea), Qin Hailu (A Tale of Three Cities), Ni Dahong (A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop), Zhu Yawen (The Captain), Yu Hewei (Three Kingdoms) and Lei Jiayin (Brotherhood of Blades 2).

China, who is usually known for their high-octane actioners and martial arts epics, takes a stab at a more slow burn thriller with enough atmosphere and noirish elements to please fans of the spy sub genre. Bullets will fly for sure however so this one might be worth a look see.

Set for a release on April 30th, watch the new teaser below!

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