NIGHTSHOOTERS: Indiecan Entertainment Acquires the Jean-Paul Ly Martial Arts Thriller for its Long Awaited North American Debut!

By: John M Jerva

I was starting to give up hope that we here in the U.S. would get to see the Marc Price helmed British martial arts action/comedy Nightshooters which features up and coming action Phenom Jean-Paul Ly. I can rest assured now that a report coming out of Screen Daily says that the movie was recently acquired by Indiecan Entertainment for a subsequent release over here.


Per Screen Daily: The distributor has also acquired Marc Price’s Nightshooters for North America. The film centres on filmmakers on the run from violent criminals after they inadvertently witness a gangland execution.

Jean-Paul Ly (Jailbreak, 400 Bullets) star in the film, which premiered at 2018 Raindance. Federgreen negotiated the deal with Nancy Lanham at Lightning Entertainment, producer Michelle Parkyn at Dead Pixel Productions, and Unstable Ground’s Justin McConnell.

The movie which hit the UK a few years ago was a hit and fans were treated to dark comedy mixed with bone crunching martial arts action as well as some good old fashioned horror level violence.


Ly is really making a bane for himself and I had the pleasure of chatting with him a few years ago for the movie and he talked about the action involved and the challenges it took to create them.

The time factor is always challenging to me. I’m always changing my fights until last minute: if I believe that I can add a very short sequence then I’ll do it. It doesn’t please my team but they understand that way of working !

The creativity itself is fine since I am the one performing so I know what I could achieve or not, and which camera angles to get for each sequence. Having the support of my action team made things smoother too.

My favorite one in the movie was the knife one, we shot it in 5 hours or so and without rehearsals, but we knew what we wanted and did our best regardless.

For the full, exclusive interview with Jean-Paul, click the link below!

Ly can currently be seen in the brutal action short ACERE which is now streaming on Netflix as well as the Tom Paton helmed action-thriller 400 Bullets which just hit Blu-Ray and DVD today!

Check out the original trailer for the movie’s UK release while we wait for more info on the launch date here! Keep it locked and loaded right here for more on Nightshooters!

Source: Screen Daily-

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