Exclusive Interview: Actor Adam Huss Talks Being the Villain in the New Martial Arts Action-Thriller INSIGHT!

By: david j. moore

In the role of Mason in the film Insight (out March 12th from Gravitas Ventures), Adam Huss calls upon his inner henchman to portray one of the film’s central antagonists. Huss plays opposite the film’s leading villain Wallace, played by Sean Patrick Flannery. Huss spends most of his screen time chasing after the film’s hero Jian, played by Ken Zheng, which means he gets in on plenty of the film’s action scenes. 

Freelance film journalist david j. moore took a few minutes to interview co-star Huss during lunch break in between scenes, and this was only a few minutes after Huss was running around up and down flights of stairs with a bunch of goons to try to capture the film’s two protagonists, Jian and Abby, played by Madeline Zima.

1) Hi, Adam. Tell me a little bit about this evil organization your character works for.

Well, Wallace, played by Sean Patrick Flannery, is the owner of a business that is a front that is actually crime syndicate. Think in terms of a comic book. They’re trying to extract information from people to basically make their bank accounts bigger. That’s what’s really going on.

2) What’s your character all about? Are you Wallace’s right-hand man?

Yeah, my character is sort of Wallace’s lackey. He is higher up in the business. He’s the one who runs out with the goons and chases after whoever they’re after. I get my hands dirty if I have to.

Adam Huss with Madeline Zima

3) Talk a little bit about working with Levi, your director on the film.

Levi, I love her. Working with Levi has been great. She’s doing a fantastic job. I think there’s a really different way that she directs. Maybe it’s because she’s from Indonesia. I don’t know. But I’m excited to be working with her. She knows what she wants. She understands the action, and she lets us do some walkthroughs. I like to just watch her. She’s powerful. She’s a strong female, and she had to learn how to make movies here. Watching her find her directing legs is really great.

4) You’ve got plenty of scenes with Ken, whom I saw being chased by you with a bunch of other guys in suits this morning. How has your experience been working with him?

Ken is great. Watching him do his stunts is really fantastic. I can’t do that stuff. It’s so rad watching him go fight these guys in lots of different ways. It’s never the same style of fighting with Ken. Every fight is different, which I find terrific. It’s amazing. I want this film to the best movie it can be, and Ken is really delivering with the action and fighting. Each sequence is something you haven’t seen before.

5) How involved are you getting with the action scenes? So far, I’m seeing chases and some close quarter fights and throw downs.

I’m getting in on the action a little bit. I’m not a stunt guy, but I’ve done some fight scenes in some independent films, so when they throw me in there, I jump in. They’re throwing me some real sequences. There’s a final sequence on the roof that’s going to be incredible. We did that sequence yesterday, and today we have some fighting planned. I get knocked out today. (Laughing.)

Sean Patrick Flanery strikes a pose in Insight!

6) What’s it like being Sean Patrick Flannery’s henchman? Were you able to formulate some kind of backstory to your character, or are you just sticking to what’s on the page?

It was wonderful working with Sean Patrick Flannery. I’m a big fan. It was nice to have some scenes with him. It was nice to work with Sean. He’s not very talkative. He just dives in and goes for it. I created my own backstory on my own. He walked in and did our scene, and we did it a couple different ways.

On set with director Levi Zheng and stars Max Zheng and Tony Todd

7) Who would you say this movie’s target audience might be?

I think this movie is for anyone who’s a fan of action, thrillers. It’s thrilling. Guys and gals will enjoy it. We had a scene where someone used the “f”-word, and we were asked to take it out, so I think we’re aiming for a PG-13. I’ve had a great time on this, and it’s going to be a fun film.

Insight hits select cinemas, Digital and VOD on March 12th from Gravitas Ventures! Watch the official trailer below!

About the author: david j. moore is the author of The Good, the Tough, and the Deadly: Action Movies and Stars” and a contributing writer to Action-Flix.com

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