INSIGHT: New Martial Arts Star Ken Zheng Lights Up the Screen in the Hard Hitting Trailer for the Upcoming Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

A new martial arts action star is here and his name is Ken Zheng. Born and raised in Jakarta and a practitioner in the arts of Kendo, Sanchou kickboxing, Muay Thai, Silat and others, Zheng is about to light up the screen in the new action-thriller Insight which hits on March 12th courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. Check out the new trailer, poster and images for the movie below!

Jian (Ken Zheng) is a counter terrorism agent who blends his skills as a martial artist and clairvoyant to bring the world’s most nefarious individuals to justice. This lone wolf is is forced to make an unexpected detour to Los Angeles upon receipt of the devastating news of a cover up surrounding his brother’s alleged suicide. With the reluctant help of LAPD detectives, Abby (Madeline Zima), Carl (Tony Todd), and Captain Duke (Keith David), the unlikely group become involved in the investigation. Jian and Abby fight against a high-tech criminal (Sean Patrick Flanery) looking to exploit the brothers’ gifts in his own quest to power.

Starring along with Zheng is some heavy duty action genre talent including Tony Todd, Keith David, John Savage and Sean Patrick Flanery who’s been making the rounds in action cinema as of late. Madeline Zima stars as well. It’s a family affair also with this one as the movie was helmed by Ken’s sister Livi Zheng.

The trailer is locked and loaded with some pretty cool fight sequences and Zheng (Brush with Danger) is looking top tier in his second starring role and looks like he has a bright future in the genre. This one definitely looks like a good time burner to check out on a Saturday night for fans of hard hitting action and fighting prowess on film.

Insight hits select theaters and VOD on March 12th from Gravitas Ventures. Check out the fisticuffs on display and witness the birth of a new martial arts star in the new trailer below!

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