THE RESCUE: Delve Deep into the Special Effects of the New Chinese Disaster Epic!

By: John M Jerva

This Friday will see the release worldwide of the new Chinese disaster thriller The Rescue and we have a special behind the scenes vid for you which dives deep into the special effects that were created for the film. The movie opens this Friday in select cinemas so check out the BTS footage below to learn more about the movie!

THE RESCUE chronicles a Chinese rescue team’s death-defying mission to save survivors of a fiery offshore catastrophe. Comprised of men of women from various backgrounds and led by a maverick captain (played by heartthrob and action star Eddie Peng), the unit must set aside their differences to face escalating challenges across air, land and sea. The film also boasts amazing special effects, with production designer Martin Laing (“Titanic”, “Clash of the Titans”) and special effects supervisor John Frazier (“Spider-Man”, “Transformers”) on board to make the film larger than life!

The film will hit theaters across the U.S. on December 18!

The movie boasts a massive $100 million budget and is considered one of the largest productions ever to be set at sea. Visionary Hong Kong director Dante Lam (Operation Mekong, Operation Red Sea) brings his thrilling style to the story of an elite Chinese rescue team.

Opening this Friday, watch the new video in the player below!

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