The Action Fix: Happy Birthday JCVD!!!

By: John M Jerva

Today, action and martial arts icon Jean-Claude Van Damne turns the big 6-0 and when the man who is personally responsible for rejuvenating the genre back in the 80’s is celebrating his special day, well you do a special Action Fix to commemorate the day.

JCVD has had many kick ass action films and sequences throughout his career so picking one is almost impossible so instead of wrapping my brain around all the great action scenes he’s given us, I decided to share one of my favorites from one of the man’s many, many high-octane titles. I’m sure you all have your favorites but since this is my website, I’m gonna give you one of mine.

Everyone always says that Bloodsport or Kickboxer are their prized films but for me it always has been Hard Target which saw the Muscles from Brussels team up with Hong Kong legend John Woo for a take on The Most Dangerous Game. This film has it all from fisticuffs to massive amounts of firepower and it also includes Woo’s signature action. Complete with flying doves.

The finale to this movie is a virtual action film buff’s dream come true where JCVD, who plays Chance Boudreaux, amps up the one man army aspect and literally kills dozens of faceless, armed henchmen led by the great Lance Henriksen who brings the gravitas in spades here as the evil and vile Emil Fouchon who loves to hunt homeless combat veterans for sport.

Van Damme, of course, turns the tables on Fouchon and becomes a royal pain in the ass leading up to the insane finale where bullets, explosions and JC’s killer skills all come into play for a feast of action cinema greatness. It’s so absurd that you can’t help but watch in awe at all the carnage going on in the ending where Van Damme does his absolute best to outdo Stallone and Schwarzenegger for King of the One Man Army title.

So without further ado, we say happy 60th birthday JCVD and it’s great to see that you’re still going strong. Enjoy the insane and deliciously violent finale to Hard Target below for the millionth time! Let me know you’re favorite Van Damme moments!!!

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