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John McClain is Back…in a Car Battery Comercial?

By: John M Jerva

Well this was unexpected and as it turned out it was all for not but yesterday, Rumor Willis tweeted a teaser for her father Bruce Willis in which it looked like the Hollywood Icon was finally returning to the role of John McClane from Die Hard which made him an international star back in the 80’s. A sixth film in the franchise has been teased for years now with no hope in sight as of now but this Tweet from Rumor got fans all excited as it looked like Willis would be saddling up as John McClane once again.

Turns out that Willis indeed has returned to the role but there was a catch. It was for a car battery commercial for Die Hard batteries and Advanced Auto Parts. Yep, you heard it right. Willis had dusted off his most famous movie role in order to sale car batteries in a two minute promo called Die Hard is Back. Yippee Ki-HUH? You can check out the full length commercial below.

Now from watching this commercial, I deem it a good news, bad news scenario as yes it’s Willis playing McClane once again for a two minute commercial but while many have cried foul, I looked at it as a good thing as Willis looked like his old self once again. The actor has been starring in a host of DTV action films over the years and many of them have been glorified cameos and many have complained that Willis has been phoning in his performances for the almighty pay check while showing little to no personality whatsoever in them.

Gone was the wisecracking police detective from the Die Hard films and in his place was a sleepwalking shell of his former self. There have been some rays of light like his turn in the Death Wish remake but for the most part, it has been a string of forgettable movies.

Well, while watching the above commercial, Willis is radiating his 80’s and 90’s persona that made him a star and for two minutes, he’s back as good ‘ol John McClane with wisecracks to boot. I enjoyed the commercial and it made me long for those films and I still hold out hope that Die Hard 6 will still become a reality. Maybe this is Willis’ way of shaking off the cobwebs in order to get him back in the habit or maybe it’s just Willis collecting another paycheck. Anyway you look at it, it’s still awesome to see Willis back in form. He’s still got a personality people!

Also starring in the commercial is Clarence Gilyard as Theo, the computer hacker who worked for Hans Gruber, and De’voreaux White who played McClane’s sharp witted chauffeur sidekick Argyle so it was great to see them reprise their roles as well. If anything, this was a very nostalgic commercial to say the least.

Hopefully Willis will indeed play John McClane one more time eventually in a new film but until if and when that happens, at least we still have the five other flicks…oh and this commercial.

One thought on “John McClain is Back…in a Car Battery Comercial?

  1. Bruno!!!
    Always a good time seeing anything he does
    If there’s anyone my son and I would love to
    Meet its Bruce Willis!!!!


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