CONTRACTS: Alex Chung’s Extreme Martial Arts Action-Thriller Kicks onto Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital this November from Indiecan Entertainment!

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a long while since we heard any rumblings from Alex Chung and his indie action flick Contracts ever since it debuted at Toronto After Dark film festival last year and with the film being shopped for distribution at the AFM, we now have some good news for fans looking for their next martial arts beatdown fix.

Indiecan Distribution has landed the film for its release here in the States and now we have official confirmation via Screen Anarchy, that it will hit Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital on November 10th. Chung has molded a brutal and adrenalized indie action flick and judging from the new red band trailer that has dropped in support of the new release, fans will certainly get their much needed fix with this one. Check out the release details, cover art and exhilarating footage below!

The Toronto After Dark ‘Best Action Film’ and ‘Best Fight Scene’ award-winning Contracts, Alex Chung’s scrappy DIY martial arts film, is due to release on Blu-Ray, DVD and VOD across North America on November 10th via Indiecan Entertainment. A new greenband trailer for the film, home video artwork, and release specs have just been revealed.

In Contracts, a team of assassins led by an extremist become victims of a superior killer. It’s killer vs killer, where none may survive.

In addition to hitting all major VOD platforms, the Blu-ray of the film will include over an hour of bonus material, including filmmaker commentary, cast commentary, deleted scenes, outtakes, and two featurettes: Signed In Blood – The Making of Contracts, and With My Bare Hands – Creating the Fights. Full details available at the link below.

It’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to this one and I’ve said many times that these kinds of indie action films are certainly making up for the drought of films due to the pandemic. Chung really poured his heart and soul into this being the writer, producer, director and action coordinator on it. The red band trailer really gives us a glimpse of the violent action in the film and I get definite 90’s throwback vibes with it.

Check out my original post from last December when news broke of Indiecan acquiring the film for more info and hit up the official website as well while we wait for the bone crunching goods!

Source Screen Anarchy

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