F9 & NO TIME TO DIE Get the 2021 Release Date Shuffle Once Again

By: John M Jerva

At this point, I think I’m pretty much numb to all the delays with big budget flicks nowadays and I think this might be my last article I do on a date change. In the future I think I’ll just post on socialo media when a film is delayed as this has become rather exhausting to say the least.

With that, I give you F9 which has been pushed back for the second time as it will no longer hit on April 2, 2021 but will now see a release on May 28, 2021. This date change probably has to do with the fact that the latest Daniel Craig James Bond adventure No Time to Die has officially been moved from  November 20th to April 2, 2021. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Universal Pictures didn’t want their next entry of the Fast and Furious franchise to be released on the same day as Mr. Bond. Instead, they bumped it back over a month to May so there will be no competition.

F9' Release Pushed Even Further Back Into 2020

With No Time to Die officially being moved out of 2020 that leaves only Dune as the last film standing this year as the reimagining of the Sci-Fi classic is stoill set to launch on December 18th this year but we all know that this could change as well and it could very well be shipped to 2021 also.

No Time to Die: Watch the Music Video for Billie Eilish's James Bond Theme  - ComingSoon.net

2021 is going to be one crowded playground for films in theaters next year so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out. At this point, I’m still happy we are gettimg new films thanks to indie action cinema and Digital platforms but I’m also revisiting some classics to fill in the gap of not goingt to the local cineplex.

Why don’t you watch the trailers for both films once again below seeing as we have a longer wait for them.

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