HEADS OF STATE: SUICIDE SQUAD’S Dynamic Duo of John Cena & Idris Elba Set to Reteam for Amazon Films’ New 90’s Throwback Action-Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

Well, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad doesn’t officially come out until next August but it looks like the folks over at Amazon Films like what they see from the duo of John Cena and Idris Elba. Cena, who plays Peacemaker, and Elba, who plays Bloodsport, in Gunn’s soft reboot/sequel to DC’s much aligned original are gearing up to reteam for a new action-thriller called Heads Of State according to Deadline.

It seems that both Cena and Elba along with  screenwriter Harrison Query and Suicide Squad producer Peter Safran and John Rickard pitched the idea to Amazon over a Zoom meeting, because you know that’s how we socialize nowadays, and even before they were finished with the pitch, Amazon cut them off and snagged it up within minutes before any other film studio could. Sounds like a winner to me.

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Per Deadline, the film which will see Cena and Elba starring together in a ’90s style two-hander, a high octane premise that has a bit of Air Force One meets Hobbs and Shaw, bringing together an odd couple in a high stakes situation. ” Once again, sounds like a winner to me. Safran, who was a producer on Suicide Squad, loved the chemistry between Cena and Elba so much that he started to look for a vehicle for the two to star in. Talks are ongoing and it’s said that they are finalizing the deals which will be in the high six figure to low seven figures so they are goi9ng to get paid.

Cena will be seen next in F9, which was delayed another month to May of next year while Elba will be sen next in The Harder They Fall which is also due to come out next year. It was alos announced last week that Cena will be playing his Suicide Squad character of the Peacemaker again in a new series for HBO Max so the wrestler/actor is certainly going toi be busy. To add to all that Cena is also starring with action superstar Jackie Chan in Project X-Traction which I just did an article on which you can see here.

Keep it locked and loaded right here for more to come on Heads Of State as we are your destination for ecerything action!!!

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