SNAKE-EYES: The GI JOE Fan Film From Director Rene Perez is Now Available Online!

By: John M Jerva

Two months ago, I shared the news that director Rene Perez (The Insurrection, The Dragon Unleashed) has spent lockdown filming a 17 plus minute GI Joe fan film focusing on the group’s most popular character Snake-Eyes. The film, which was made strictly for fun, is a more adult oriented film featuring Snake on the run from mercenaries as the Joes have been framed admirer discovering a government conspiracy. It is totally retro and features some pretty kick ass action including both firepower and fisticuffs.

I recently received an all new press release for the short film which is now available on both YouTube and Vimeo so if you haven’t checked it out the first time around, do so now as it’s awesome and since we have to wait for the bigger budgeted version until next year, this will fill in nicely!

Genre film maker Rene Perez (Death Kiss, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) has spent lockdown working on a ninja fan film based on the G.I Joe Character, Snake Eyes.

Starring Beauty Queen Miss Nevada 2020 Victoria Olona as Snake Eyes’ wife and Seventh degree black belt martial artist Juan Manuel Olmedo as the title character, the fan film is available now for free on YouTube in HD and on Vimeo in 4K :

Synopsis: The GI Joe team has been disbanded and Snake Eyes has become the target of a mysterious coalition who has sent a strike team to assassinate him.

The film is based on the popular Hasbro G.I.Joe action figure toy line and comic book series that dominated the 1980’s. This film mainly focuses on one member of the military team, code name : Snake Eyes.

Director Rene Perez and Producer Joseph Camilleri previously collaborated on the film “The Insurrection” in 2019.
Perez’s next feature is “Righteous Blood” starring Michael Pare and Emily Whitcomb.

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