CRAZY SAMURAI MUSASHI: Tak Sakaguchi’s Epic 77 Minute One Take Sword Clanging Pic Lands at Well Go USA!

By: John M Jerva

It’s been a long time coming but it appears that genre fans, who were unable to see its Festival premiere at Fantasia Fest, will finally get to watch Crazy Samurai Musashi which is noted for being an insane film that was sculpted around an insane 77 minute one shot/one take sword fight which features martial arts wiz Tak Sakaguchi who was seen resin the equally insane CQB actioner Re:Born.

Domestic Japanese Poster

News coming out of the TIFF has announced that the movie has launched sales there and that Well Go USA has nabbed North American rights to the film which has been kicking around for about a decade now. The 411 comes courtesy of Screen Daily who brought the exclusive word today. My Theater DD will distribute the pic in Japan as the US sales firm Princ Films has opened up international sales rights for the film to potential buyers this weekend in Toronto.

In the film, Tak Sakaguchi stars as Miyamoto Musashi, a legendary swordsman who sets out to defeat 400 enemies from the Yoshioka clan. Kento Yamazaki, Yosuke Saito, Ben Hiura and Arata Yamanaka are alongside him on the cast.

Image courtesy of Princ Films

Atsuki Tomori penned the script from a concept created by acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono with Takayuki Ota serving as executive producer. Yuji Shimomura, who has collaborated with Tak before on Re:Born, helmed the pic which was built around the 77 minute oner sequence.

“It took us seven years to complete the film as after the 77-minute one-shot scene was initially filmed, Tak had broken fingers, ribs, and teeth, and couldn’t even grip the sword anymore,” Ota said. ”After buying the rights, we worked on the opening and ending.”

No further release info is know at this point so keep it locked and loaded right here as we are your destination for everything action!

In the meantime, check out the crazy extended teaser for the movie that was released a while ago below!

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