BRUISED: Halle Berry’s Directorial Debut MMA Drama Scores the TKO with Netflix!

By: John M Jerva

The Toronto International Film Festival is alive and well, albeit mostly virtual of course, but that isn’t stopping any wheeling and dealing with many a film on display to be ripe for picking by hungry distributors looking for fresh meat.

With that we have word from Variety that he MMA drama Bruised which marks the directorial debut of its star Halle Berry is ready to be bought by Netflix in a huge deal. The movie is being viewed at the festival for buyers in a “work in progress” mode but Netflix must have liked what they saw because the deal is said to be around $20 million dollars. Not too shabby.

Bruised Directed by Halle Berry Halle Berry’s directorial debut follows a former MMA fighter struggling to regain custody of her son and restart her athletic career. Photo courtesy of Variety and TIFF

In Bruised, the director also stars in this tale of a washed-up MMA fighter struggling for redemption as both an athlete and a mother. Berry directed from a script by Michelle Rosenfarb. Though the film will screen virtually on Saturday from Toronto, it’s unclear when the picture will lock and deliver to the streaming service per Variety.

Berry was injured while doing the film, breaking two ribs in the process so she really went all out to deliver her first feature in the director’s chair.

“I didn’t want to stop because I had prepared for so long,” Berry stated in an interview. “We had rehearsed; we were ready. So my mind, my director’s mind, was just — keep going. And I compartmentalized that, and I just kept going: ‘I’m not going to stop. I’ve come too far. I’m going to act as if this isn’t hurting. I’m going to will myself through it.’ And so we did.”

Bruised has had a rocky course of travel as Blake Lively was once attached to do the film but eventually dropped out paving the way for Berry to not only star but direct as well.

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