HEADLOCK: JCVD Wants to Make One Last, Epic Martial Arts Movie!

By: John M Jerva

Martial arts and action film buffs surely remember a time when Jean-Claude Van Damme was a martial arts star in films. From Bloodsport to Kickboxer, JCVD was the pinnacle of brutal and ballistic fisticuffs in his movies and even when he ventured into more action-thriller roles, he still incorporated moves that made him the star that he was.

For a long while now, for numerous reasons, JC has gotten away from what made him who he is and even though some of his DTV films have had fight scenes in them, they were a shell of their former selves. Fans around the world have hoped that maybe one day, while he still can, JC will break out a film that will showcase his skills one more time.

Well, and take this with a grain of salt, JCVD looks as if he wants to make one last great martial arts epic and recently during an Instagram live post from the set of his new Netflix movie The Mercenary, Van Damme has given us some updates on that film.

Let’s backtrack a little shall we and give you some more 411 on the project. Earlier this year, JC did an interview for the Daily Mail where he talked about the movie and his desire to capture that magic one more time and called the passion project a final and epic martial arts film. “I would like to make one more, one final, big martial arts, epic film. It’s going to be a great film…I want to shoot a piece of it in Australia,” Van Damme said in the article.

So there you have the history. Now fast forward to today and during the live post, where JC looked drained from doing extensive shooting on fights scenes for the Netflix thriller, he talked about the film which is now tentatively titled Headlock and he has a writer for the film in Academy Award winner Nick Vallelonga who won an Oscar for Green Book. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Van Damme has also teased to fans that the epic will contain spectacular fight choreography and that it will truly be a fine send off to his martial arts film career. Similar to how Donnie Yen states that Ip Man 4 was his martial arts swan song as he will now focus on mainstream Actioners.

Now I say take it with a grain of salt because JCVD has teased multiple projects in the past which have never materialized. Anyone remember his promo poster for Lionheart 2? I sure do.

Now trust me…no one wants this more than I do as I have been along for the ride ever since seeing Bloodsport in the theaters with my dad and sister and literally watched a star be born in the process. I’ve even supported all of his films, good and bad, and was happy when I saw him in the Kickboxer reboot films with Alain Moussi. It was like he was passing the torch to Moussi and he stole the show in both films.

Check out Van Damme’s full post video below and keep it locked and loaded right here for more on Headlock and The Mercenary and any other hopeful projects as we are your destination for everything action! Oh yeah, BTW, still waiting for the release of Full Love 😉

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