RECOIL: Luke Hemsworth Enlists for the Upcoming Supernatural War Thriller from Evolutionary Films!

By: John M Jerva

We all know that Chris Hemsworth is going to still be busy being Thor for the MCU for the foreseeable future but today we have news on his little brother Luke, as the latter Hemsworth sibling is enlisting for a new war thriller with a supernatural twist. The film is set to be called Recoil and it will feature Hemsworth as an Australian Soldier who is locked in mortal combat with and enemy that isn’t what it appears to be.

Per Screen Daily: Hemsworth, Danielle Cormack, and Daniel Webber will lead the story of three Australian infantry soldiers marooned in the Afghan desert trying to rescue a wounded girl. They find themselves trapped in a never-ending battle with a mysterious enemy.

Evolutionary Films is handling the worldwide sales of Recoil at this week’s TIFF and word has it that shooting is anticipated to begin sometime before year’s end in Lake George, Goulburn, and Broken Hill, in New South Wales, Australia. Nick Robertson will be helming the supernatural war actioner who is best known for directing The Pack and the script from Evan Randall Green who also worked with Robertson on that film back in 2015.

“We’ve had an ongoing dialogue with the team at TKW Films for a number of years and have been looking to collaborate for some time,” Evolutionary’s CEO John Adams stated about the new movie. “Recoil is the perfect project for us and plays to all our collective strengths and experience.”

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