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WATCH LIST: There’s Only One Way Out in the New Filipino Thriller Now in Virtual Theaters

By: John M Jerva

Filipino cinema is hard charging these days and we have been blessed with done pretty gritty action-thrillers such as BuyBust and Maria. Now we have a new entry to check out on the form of Watch List and just like the aforementioned films, we have a new film with a strong female lead in Alessandra De Rossi who stars as a woman facing dark forces to protect her family. The film is now in virtual theaters ahead of a wider cinema release next week so check out the trailer below!

The powerful, timely thriller WATCH LIST, from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment, arrives in virtual theaters friday before an On Demand release September 1. The film expands into more theaters August 28.

WATCH LIST is set against the drug wars in the Philippines. After her husband is murdered under mysterious circumstances, Maria is left to fend for her three children in a police state. As she delves into Manila’s dark underworld of cops, criminals, and drugs to find answers, she realizes the truth is never black and white, and that she must explore her own darkness to keep her family safe.

An intense thriller set in the world of the Filipino police and their often-violent war against drug dealers and users, the true story played such festivals as Mill Valley IFF, Seattle IFF, Nashville IFF, Deauville American FF & more…

From the trailer below, Watch List looks to be very gritty and brutal. If you’re in an area playing the film, check it out and help support indie action cinema!

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