HONEST THIEF: Liam Neeson is Double Crossed in the New Trailer for His Upcoming Thriller!

By: John M Jerva

It’s trailer day today as I’ve already posted new teases from Warrior and Welcome To Sudden Death. Now we have Liam Neeson returning to the action-thriller genre in the new film Honest Thief. The new trailer is looking good although it does give a lot away in terms of plot just like the one for Ava starring Jessica Chastain did. It’s Liam Neeson though so I’ll be watching regardless!

Official Synopsis: Wanting to lead an honest life, a notorious bank robber (Liam Neeson) turns himself in, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents.

Helmed by Mark Williams, this one boasts a pretty stellar cast which includes Jai Courtney, Kate Walsh, Anthony Ramos, Jeffrey Donovan who I loved on Burn Notice and the one and only Robert Patrick.

Honest Thief will hit on October 9th so in the meantime, watch Neeson do his thing in the new trailer below!

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