SKELE-KING - Diablo 3 Playthrough #2
SKELE-KING - Diablo 3 Playthrough #2


By: The Cinema Drunkie

Welcome to FOOT FIST FRIDAYS! A weekly dose of fight action where the experts share their thoughts on some of the greatest scenes of fisticuffs in action cinema history!

With the release of the trailer for Michael Jai White’s reboot/remake of Welcome To Sudden Death, resident Action-Flix badass The Cinema Drunkie pays homage to the original 1995 classic Sudden Death which starred JCVD in his own personal Die Hard actioner which was essentially that classic movie set in a sports arena during The Stanley Cup Finals. But it’s OK, because it’s Van Damme doing some massive Van Dammage! Take it away Cinema Drunkie!!!

So we’ve just been blessed with the trailer to Welcome to Sudden Death, the sequel/reboot to the Action Classic now starring Michael Jai White. And to be honest, it looks like it could be an awesome time. MJW looks to be as sharp as ever in the brief look at some of the fighting.

But it’s going to be an uphill battle for him, because I meant it when I said Sudden Death is an action classic. The original Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer, which is to this day the best Die Hard clone ever made, is so beloved among action fans all over the world. It’s well deserved too, as it featured some of the best action sequences the 90s had to offer.

I’m talking Shootouts, explosions, absolutely mind-blowing stunts, and of course, fights. But especially, one fight in particular. You see where I’m going with this, right? Oh yes, I’m going to talk about the now legendary brawl: Van Damme vs The Giant Penguin.

Well, to be fair, it’s not actually a giant penguin. It’s more of a 6 foot tall woman in a giant penguin mascot outfit. Matter of fact, that’s exactly what it is. But anyways, to provide context: Darren McCord, played by Van Damme, is searching for his daughter Emily throughout the Civic Arena, which is hosting the Stanley Cup finals. He sees her with Joan, the person working in the penguin mascot costume.

He is unaware that this is not Joan but Carla, a devious Amazonian assassin who, after being accidentally discovered by Emily, has taken her hostage. He tries to catch up with them, but doesn’t make it in time, and Emily is delivered into the hands of the diabolical Joshua Foss, played by the late great Power Boothe. Carla is then sent back down to eliminate McCord should she come across him.

It is here where the scene picks up, and we are given one of the most lively, bombastic fight scenes ever committed to celluloid. Taking place in a kitchen, it is one of the wildest sequences I have ever seen. So much so, that it is in my belief that the Peter vs the Giant Chicken fights from the animated series Family Guy were greatly inspired from this sequence.

It truly has to be seen to be believed. So, with that being said, enough chit chat, and enjoy Jean-Claude Van Damme vs the Giant Penguin:

About The Aurthor: With his mind utterly intoxicated off of a steady stream of movies, comics and cartoons, a young boy from Brooklyn, New York grew up to become the man known as… THE CINEMA DRUNKIE!!!

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